Health and Safety policy statement

The policy of Holly Oak Tree Services Limited is to provide a safe place of work for each of its employees, visitors and members of the public, by taking the necessary steps to eliminate hazards to health and causes of foreseeable accidents.

Holly Oak Tree Services Limited aim to ensure:

  1. Regular reviews of health and safety are carried out.
  2. The health and safety statement is reviewed at regular intervals to ensure all procedures are correct and up to date.
  3. Health and safety inspections are conducted when necessary

Holly Oak Tree Services Limited will provide both training and instruction to our employees to enable them to perform their work safely and efficiently. All necessary protective clothing and climbing equipment is provided for the safety of staff in accordance with PUWER and LOLER regulations

A Register of all equipment kept will be maintained showing details of history, servicing, repair. All equipment will be clearly marked to be identifiable

Daily checks will be carried out by employees prior to using PPE. Interim inspections will be carried out and recorded. Thorough examination will be carried out by a competent person every 6 or 12 months, as required by PUWER and/or LOLER.

It is the responsibility of the employee using any equipment to report any defects in the equipment as soon as they become apparent. Arrangements will be put in place by the manager to repair or withdraw the equipment.

Withdrawn equipment will be clearly marked as such and will not be used until repaired or the equipment disposed of.

Employees should be aware that all Holly Oak Tree Services Limited six monthly and twelve monthly thorough examinations as per lifting operations lifting equipment regulations 98 are completed by an external company.

Holly Oak Tree Services Limited recognises that all employees have a corresponding duty to co-operate by ensuring the following:

  1. All work is carried out safely and efficiently following procedures.
  2. Equipment is not misused or interfered with in any way that would put others at risk.
  3. All protective equipment is worn in line with the requirements.

All incidents, accidents or any work related illnesses are reported following the necessary guidelines